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 Much has been written about infant and early childhood health. Below you’ll find a selection of featured topics that reflect current research, opinions, and discussions in the field. This includes information on stage-based nutrition as well as relevant health issues, such as allergy, obesity, and prematurity.

Stage-based nutrition

Prenatal Nutrition

As a healthcare provider, you play an essential role in helping expectant mothers choose the right nutrition for themselves and their developing babies. Healthy eating choices and adequate nutrition intake during pregnancy can go a long way in supporting a baby’s growth and development.
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Breastfeeding & infant nutrition

Gerber recommends breastfeeding as an integral part of the Gerber® Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ Nutrition System. Breastfeeding provides an infant with the best possible start in life. Breastmilk is the optimal nutrition source for infants, due not only to its nutritional profile but also to naturally occurring immunological components. Together these factors promote healthy growth and development and support for a healthy immune system.
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Infant & early childhood nutrition

The nutrition and feeding needs of a growing child vary according to their age. Learn how you can help parents successfully manage their children’s transitions from exclusive breastfeeding or formula feeding to a diet including infant cereals and other complementary foods.
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Healthy eating habits

Dietary patterns that develop during the earliest stages of life can help influence growth and development throughout childhood. Therefore, it is crucial to provide parents with nutrition and feeding guidance so they can help their child develop a love of healthy food.
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Health Topics

Allergy & immunity

Adequate nutrient intake and a balanced diet provide a strong foundation for the development of a healthy immune system. Breastfeeding, incorporating probiotics into the diet, immunizations, and environmental exposure can help contribute to healthy immune system development.
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Digestion & colic

Digestive health can have a significant impact on the health and happiness of a child. This is especially evident in colicky infants. Adequate intake of prebiotics, fiber, and probiotics can help children maintain the flourishing gut microbiota necessary for a healthy GI tract.
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The prevalence of children 2 to 5 years of age who are overweight or obese has doubled in the past 30 years. Chronic diseases associated with obesity in adulthood are now being seen in childhood, including type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and sleep apnea.
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Neonatal nutrition

Infants born prematurely have unique nutritional needs. The nutrition provided during the first days, weeks, and months after birth can have a lifelong impact.
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