Gerber® Good Start® Gentle Everyday Probiotic & Vitamin D Drops
for babies starting at birth to support the developing immune system and overall gut health

Product highlights

B. lactis strain Bb12, a probiotic similar to those naturally found in breastmilk 

For babies starting at birth to support the developing immune system and overall gut health.

May help increase levels of immunoglobulins such as secretory IgA*

Contributes to a healthy digestive tract*

Helps to support gut barrier function*

Promotes a balanced microbiota, especially for babies born by C-section*

Delivers 400 IU of Vitamin D as recommended by the AAP in 5 drops.

 In the Infant Probiotic category. Based on a QuintilesIMS Survey YTD June 2019.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Good to know

  • Probiotic drops featuring B. Lactis, a probiotic similar to those naturally found in breast milk
  • For breastfed and formula fed babies, from birth
  • 50 servings – 50 days supply
  • Format: 10mL
  • Safe for use in infants and toddlers
  • Non-GMO – Made without genetically engineered ingredients

Gerber® Gentle Everyday Probiotic Drops help promote a balanced microbiota with beneficial bacteria in baby’s digestive system. By helping to support a  balance, Gerber® Gentle Everyday Probiotic Drops helps  support digestive health.** The probiotic B. lactis used in Gerber® Gentle Everyday Probiotic Drops have been clinically shown to help support the developing immune system.*

Babies born by C-section have different bacteria in their digestive system compared to vaginally delivered infants.  

Watch how B. lactis Bb12 provides benefits!


*Infants born by C-section may have lower bifidobacteria in their digestive system. Daily supplementation of B. lactis may contribute to increasing the levels of beneficial bacteria in your baby's digestive system.



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