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Welcome to the next generation of healthy. Gerber and Nestlé Nutrition have joined to make an unwavering commitment to a healthier generation, one baby at a time. It’s called START HEALTHY, STAY HEALTHY™, and it’s our pledge to support the healthy growth and development of babies around the world.

You’ll see this commitment in everything we do:

  • Bringing you and your patients the most innovative and trusted feeding solutions from birth through preschool.
  • Providing your patients nutritious products.
  • Offering you and your patients access to nutrition and feeding experts 24/7.

The brands you and your patients grew up with

  • Gerber: More than 80 years of raising happy, healthy babies.
  • Gerber Products Company started in the summer of 1927—in the kitchen of Daniel and Dorothy Gerber. Following the advice of their pediatrician, Dorothy and Daniel hand-strained solid foods for their 7-month-old daughter, Sally. Then, discovering an innovative way to save time, they started to strain fruits and vegetables at the family’s Fremont Canning Company.

Soon workers in the plant requested samples for their babies, and the legacy of Gerber baby foods began. By late 1928, strained peas, prunes, carrots, spinach, and beef vegetable soup were ready for the national market.

Nestlé Nutrition: An innovative leader in formula

Our roots stretch all the way back to 1867, in the town of Vevey, Switzerland, when a local pharmacist named Henri Nestlé was asked to look in on a neighbor’s child who couldn’t breastfeed. The baby thrived on a special mixture Henri created. And Henri’s formula now is recognized as the world’s first infant food.

That same spirit of caring and innovation remains the guiding force behind Nestlé Nutrition today. The Nestlé Research Center (NRC) is the world’s largest private food and nutrition research institute, comprising more than 300 PhD scientists within the Nestlé Research & Development network.

Our commitment has led to innovations such as GERBER® GOOD START formulas that are designed to provide gentle nutrition for developing tummies. Only GERBER® GOOD START® milk-based formulas contain COMFORT PROTEINS®—100% whey proteins that are partially hydrolyzed to be gentle on a baby’s developing digestive system. Learn more about GERBER® GOOD START® formulas.

In addition to our expertise in Infant Nutrition, Nestlé Nutrition delivers science-based nutrition products and services in performance nutrition, healthcare nutrition, and weight management. To learn more go to www.NestleNutrition.com.

Commitment to the WHO code

In addition to our commitment to Start Healthy, Stay Healthy programs, Gerber and Nestlé Nutrition have a long-standing commitment of complying with the World Health Organization (WHO) International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.

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