Formula modifications and recipes 

Guidelines for safe preparation and use of Gerber® Good Start® formulas

Find instructions for medical professionals on preparing alternate dilutions of Gerber® Good Start® infant formulas, including nutrient profiles of the standard and higher calorie concentration preparations. Detailed information on Gerber® Good Start® infant formula powders, such as gram weights, displacement factors, and scoop size can also be found:

When mixing infant formula, it is recommended to follow the instructions on the label. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends the use of sterile water for mixing formula in healthcare settings. As with any powdered formula product, use with immune-compromised infants is not recommended.

When such use is necessary, we recommend following the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics guidelines for safe preparation, storage, and administration.

Decisions regarding caloric concentration should be based on medical condition and history. The health care provider is responsible for determining nutritional requirements and monitoring patient tolerance to feedings. The extended use of >20kcal/fl oz formula is not recommended in the absence of medical necessity. 

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