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Dietary Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers


Infant & Toddler Dietary Guidelines

Good nutrition plays a critical role in the optimal development of infants and toddlers and it is imperative that all healthcare professionals support parents and caregivers in their efforts to incorporate healthy dietary patterns from birth. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans provide advice on what to eat and drink to meet nutrient…

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Fruits and Veggies: All Forms Fit

Complementary foods are vital for infants when transitioning to solid foods at around 6 months of age, providing essential nutrients. Caregivers decide between homemade and commercial purees based on cultural, convenience, and cost factors. Research suggests that both options offer similar nutritional quality, highlighting the importance…

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Are young children getting their daily veggies?

In the US, nearly half of 1-5-year-old kids don't eat veggies daily. Veggies provide essential nutrients. Research suggests early introduction, variety, and repeated exposure to boost veggie consumption. Barriers include preferences and access. Parents can help by offering colorful veggies, making it fun, trying new ones, and setting a…

Dietary Guidelines

Gerber Nutrition at ASN 2023

This July, Gerber participated in the American Society for Nutrition Conference which explored developments in clinical and translational nutrition, food science and systems, diet and disease, basic science, and global health and brought together clinicians, policy experts, and the media to network and learn.

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Low Zinc Intake Among Breastfed Infants

At the American Society for Nutrition Conference, Gerber presented their poster for a study determining infant zinc absorption. Using data from FITS, they concluded that breastfed and mixed-fed infants are at risk for inadequate zinc intake. Guidance for complementary foods containing zinc for infants receiving any breast milk may be…

FITS Breastfeeding Support Dietary Guidelines