Gerber's Commitment to Quality

two toddlers walking in a farm field of green plants

We know that heavy metals have been a big topic of conversation and concern for parents and caregivers, baby food makers and regulators in recent years. We want parents and caregivers to understand our process and standards, because we know how important safety is for little ones. For more than 90 years, baby food has been our only business. We've safely fed Gerber baby foods to millions of babies, including our own. As the leading baby food maker in the U.S., we have robust standards for quality—and we promise to never settle for anything less than the most nutritious and safe food for babies.

Consistent with our mission, we have always set strong standards—including among our teams of experts who are constantly exploring new ways of growing and testing ingredients, and making food that is healthy for babies and the environment with a goal of reducing heavy metals levels to as low as possible.

All of our foods meet our safety and quality standards, which are among the strictest in the world. We thoroughly oversee all levels of the growing and the production process. All Gerber foods meet available regulatory requirements and guidelines.

  • Our standards are based on guidance from sources like the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, the European Food Safety Authority and the World Health Organization.
  • We strongly support the FDA Closer to Zero Action Plan and welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with the FDA and other stakeholders to advance this important effort to continue to reduce the levels of heavy metals in infant and toddler foods. Strong standards are good for babies, parents and our industry.
  • We regularly test our ingredients, foods and beverages and work closely with our suppliers and growers to achieve very high quality. And we make sure all our ingredients, foods and beverages are kept safe and wholesome on their journey from our kitchens to the store shelf.
  • All our testing is conducted by in-house, ISO-accredited labs, meaning they follow international standards for analytical reliability. Our labs go even further, attending industry roundtables and partnering with other outside labs to refine methods, all to ensure we are always striving to use the most current methods. Like you, as medical providers, the health and safety of little ones is our highest priority, which is why we never compromise on the quality of our foods and beverages.

We remain fully committed to being industry leaders in safe, quality nutrition for infants and young children. As part of our dedication, we will continue to set—and follow—strict standards for the safety and quality of our foods.

Our Commitment to Safety

We don't just make any food, we're in the business of baby food. Our team of experts are constantly looking at new ways of growing, testing, and making food that's healthy for baby and the environment.

Farmed for Baby

Unlike any other baby brand, we have dedicated Gerber Farms - and many of these farms have been with us for generations. Our agricultural experts carefully select the seeds, soil, and location -because even our farmers feed their own babies the same produce that goes into every jar.

Approved for Baby

We not only trace every fruit and veggie back to the farm, fields, and farmer-we check, verify, and approve every step of the way. From seeding to feeding, our testing methods are internationally acclaimed and set the standard for what goes into feeding our babies-and all babies.

Healthy for Baby

The health and safety of your little one has been and will always be our highest priority. We're a leader in infant nutrition, not because we grow food that will simply feed your little one, but because we know what nourishment your little one needs.