Gerber is a Clean Label Project® Certified Brand

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We know that parents and professionals alike have questions about the presence of substances such as heavy metals and pesticides in foods for their children. We are proud to build upon our long history of high standards for the quality and safety of our foods by becoming a Clean Label Project® Certified brand. Our growing list of certified products helps provide parents with the transparency they want when feeding their little ones. Be assured, we have the same quality and safety standards for every Gerber food – including those that are not yet certified.

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There are three Clean Label Project ® certifications applicable to select Gerber foods, described below. These programs require testing for substances including pesticides, glyphosates, heavy metals, and plasticizers. You can learn the details of the Clean Label Project® program requirements here.

Certifications and Standards

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Finished Product Testing: Unannounced sampling and testing at retail
Uses Pass/Fail Criteria: Setting a minimum bar for all brands to pass  
Uses Benchmarking: Setting the criteria based on evidence-based modeling    
Pesticide Testing: Broad pesticide panel testing required
Glyphosate Testing: Required testing for the most commonly use pesticide in america (Round Up) with links to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma  
Hevy Metal Testing: Required testing for heavy metals with links to cancer (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead & Mercury)  
Plasticizer Testing: Required testing for plasticizer with links to endocrine disruption and intfertility (BPA, BPS & Phhalates)  
Proof of Food Safety: Required proof of GMP or GFSI benchmarked food safety standard
Prohibited Ingredients: No artificial colors, synthetic sweeteners or other ingredients of public concern    
EU Testing Compliant: Inspired by EU testing and purity standards    
This chart is used with permission from the Clean Label Project (Source: Clean Label Project).

Clean Label Project® has certified more than 80 (and counting!) Gerber products with at least one or more of the above certifications. Gerber certified products include our oatmeal cereals, baby food purees and snacks for infants and toddlers.  Many of our certified products are eligible for the WIC program.

In addition to these newest external certifications, at Gerber we can trace fruits and vegetables in our purees and grains in our infant cereal back to the farms and fields where they were grown. This is just another example of our commitment to quality: checking, verifying and approving our ingredients every step of the way.

At Gerber, we are committed to supporting you with information about the quality of our foods and being a leader in education in this area for professionals and consumers alike:

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