Development-based Milestones

The Gerber Nutrition Journey is a unique milestone-based plan with guidance on developmentally appropriate feeding choices. In line with the CDC developmental milestones and the Dietary Guidelines for feeding infants and children, the Gerber Nutrition Journey recommends starting with breastfeeding because breastmilk is the ideal food for babies. Once baby is ready, Gerber can provide guidance on developmentally-appropriate feeding choices.

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Newborn Development

Gross Motor

Baby being held by adult with hand supporting their neck.
  • Little truncal (vertical) stability
  • Needs head support

Fine Motor

Baby grasping an adults thumb with their hand.
  • Reflexive grasp only
  • Wraps fingers around object placed in hand

Oral Motor

Baby with eyes closed drinking from a bottle.
  • Rooting and sucking
  • Early gag reflex
  • Sucking reflex - Begins to suck when nipple touches roof of mouth

Newborn Nutrition

Eating skills

  • Suckling pattern from bottle or breast
  • Secures nipple with greater ease
Baby feeding from a breast.


Baby feeding from a bottle.

Bottle feeding

Feeding Tips

Baby’s stomach is tiny, so small, frequent feedings are best

Feeding 8 to 12 times in 24 hours is best.

Keep in mind

It’s important for exclusively and partially breastfed infants to have 400 IU of Vitamin D supplementation per day beginning in the first few days of life.

Supplementing with probiotics can help to increase levels of good bacteria in baby’s gut.

Hunger Cues

  • Cries or fusses to show hunger
  • May bring fingers to mouth
  • Roots for nipple or stops sucking
  • May squirm or throw arms and legs about
  • Moving, licking, or smacking lips

I'm hungry!

Baby holding hand in a fist by their mouth.

May bring fingers to mouth

Baby rooting for the nipple.

Shows excitement when food is presented

Fullness Cues

  • Slow down speed of sucking, may even fall asleep
  • Start and stop feeding often, latch and unlatch on nipple frequently with only a few sucks in between, eventually will not relatch
  • Seal lips tightly when nipple is reinserted
  • Ignore or spit out nipple

I'm full!

Baby looking at a bottle infront of their face but not drinking.

Releases nipple or stops sucking

Baby rooting for the nipple.

Baby with eyes shut with a bottle in their mouth.